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HAZEL“intelligent phantom aquarium” is a revolutionary product first founded in aquariums all over the world, it skillfully merges numerous high-techs know as: fish ecology, optics, bonsai painting, micro-computer intelligent control etc. After countless simulation experiments for many years, we finally succeed. It is a most characteristic phantom technology and makes the fish tank that only a few centimeters in thickness looks like over one meter deep. Just put several fishes, however looks like dozens of. It seems like you are in real sea natural ecology scenery, work and live relaxed.
The intelligent and humanized design idea completely alters hundreds of years traditional appearance shape of fish tank. It adapts modern decoration tide and is a very elegant and modern product. If hang up in your office, home and business location, not only make your decoration more distinctive but also manifest master’s reformed. Trustful character more scenery shows your business ... [Detailed Introduction]
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